Buying Kegs vs. Bottles for Your Office, Home or Party

Ordering Beer, Wine & Liquor for your party
How much to order is one question that our customers ask us most often. The answer is, it depends. We want our customers to order the right amount of alcohol for their event, so they do not end up with a stack of full bottles at the end. On the other hand, one shouldn't run out of drinks when the party is still going strong. There are a few factors that determine how much alcohol to order:
1. How many people will attend?
2. How long will the party last?
3. What is the occasion?
4. What is the ratio of people drinking alcohol vs. not drinking alcohol ?
5. What is the budget?

Once we have these answers, providing an estimated number of drinks becomes a much easier job. You can also check the party drinks calculator on our partner site to estimate amount of alcohol you will need to order.

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