Complete Guide to Buying and Operating Kegerator in Your NYC Office

What Services Does NYC Kegs Offer?
We install kegerators, supply kegs, gas tanks and provide routine cleaning and service of the kegerators, so basically full service provider.

Kegs are Available in Which Sizes?
Breweries produce kegs in few sizes. Size and availability depends on brand of beer and seasons. Most craft breweries produce kegs in 15.5 Gallon (165 12oz servings) and 5.16 Gallons (55 12oz beers). Most macro beers (Bud Light, Coors Light, Peroni, Corona, Pacifico, Lagunitas IPA) are produced in 15.5 Gallon and 7.75 (80 12oz servings) Gallon kegs.

How Does a Kegerator Work?
Kegerator is basically a refrigerator specifically designed to hold kegs. Beer kegs are dispensed using carbon dioxide gas. We supply customers with kegs as well as gas tanks to dispense kegs.

Does Kegerator Need Regular Servicing?
Tubes that connect the kegs to the faucet need to be cleaned on 1-2 month schedule. This prevents from beer/wine/coffee residue from building up inside the tubes. Please order cleaning on our website at Kegerator Service

What Else Do I Need to Know About Getting Keg Delivery?
A COI is required by many buildings for delivery to their tenants. We will need the requirements emailed to us, so we can send the COI to our insurance agent for completion.

How Do I Know Which Beers to Order?
For an office, usually you want to order beers to that large number of people will enjoy drinking. A good start will be to ask around the office with quick email/slack survey. Usually starting with a local lager and a low alcohol IPA is recommended.

Can I alternate between beer and cold brew on the kegerator?
We usually recommend keeping dedicated taps for beer and coffee/cold brew. Keg tubes absorb flavor of the beverage that is poured. Once coffee is poured through a tube, it picks up coffee flavors. If beer is poured from that tube, you can taste the coffee, potentially ruining the beer flavor.

If your kegerator has 2 taps, you can pour beer and coffee from the same kegerator with 2 separate taps at all times.

Beer is usually poured using Carbon dioxide gas, coffee is poured using Nitrogen gas. Therefore, you need separate gas tanks with gas regulators for pouring beer and coffee/cold brew.

If your office wants coffee on tap only for short time, but don't want to purchase a Nitrogen gas tank and regulator, we can rent you tank+regulator combo for additional charge of $10 per keg. You can add the charge to your order on our website at: Per Keg Gas Charge

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