Discard / Recycle Kegerator Pickup

We provide kegerators to our clients to keep extra kegs cold in their office. By donating / selling your used kegerator, you are saving the environment, donating to a worthy charity and helping us provide cold beer to fellow New Yorkers.

Do you have a kegerator you don't need?
Moving, but can't take your kegerator with you?

We can pick up your kegerator from your home or office within NYC area. We will pay you $100 in cash or donate $150 to charity of your choice and send you the receipt of donation.

Kegerator must be:
~ Less than 5 years old
~ In working condition and be able to chill below 45 degrees.
~ Brands we accept: Kegco, Insignia, Edgestar, True, Avantco, Marvel

Email us at support@nyckegs.com to schedule free pickup or any questions you may have.

Have Questions?

Please contact us. We will get back to you within 1 business day.

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