Cold Brew Coffee Kegerator Rental

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1-7 Day Kegerator Rental in NYC


A no-hassle, turnkey solution to offer cold brew coffee to your employees. Use this kegerator to dispense 2 cold brew kegs in your office. Item price includes expert installation by trained NYC Kegs technicians. Just add kegs!

Please note:

- This kegerator can only dispnese cold brew coffee kegs sold by NYC Kegs.

- Kombucha setup can be added for additional charge.

- Kegerator can only be delivered to office / commercial addresses.

- 2 Taps

Technical Specifications

Dimensions 33" H x 23 11/16" W x 23 15/16" D
Weight 97 lbs (empty)
Voltage / Frequency 115v / 60 Hz
Running Amps 2.3 A
Operating Temperature 34°F - 45°F
Ambient Temperature 65°F - 80°F 
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